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Repair Mortars

Ronafix for Concrete Repairs

Ronafix for Concrete Repairs
Ronafix is a high strength polymer additive for mortars for repairing concrete and enhancing the protection of steel reinforcement. It is strong, durable and resistant to water and frost attack.

Ronafix has been tested by the British Board of Agrement as a concrete repair mortar admixture and was awareded a certificate based on its performance.

RonaBond Concrete Repair Mortar

RonaBond Concrete Repair Mortar
RonaBond Concrete Repair Mortar is a general purpose British Board of Agrément approved prepacked concrete repair mortar for repairing concrete and protecting reinforcing steel. The repair mortar will have “at least the life of the surrounding concrete” (BBA Cert. 90/2421), is suitable for structural repairs and is waterproof, frost proof and very durable.

RonaBond HB40

RonaBond HB40
RonaBond HB40 and RonaBond HB40 Ultra Rapid are prepacked high build, high strength materials for repairing concrete and protecting reinforcing steel. They are used to repair concrete on vertical surfaces and are particularly suited to the repair of overhead concrete where ease of application is as important as high strength. They can be applied in thick-section layers up to 75mm on walls and soffits, without shuttering.

RonaBond HB25

RonaBond HB25
RonaBond HB25 is a pre-packed mortar used for repairing concrete on vertical and overhead surfaces where ease of application is as important as high strength. It can be applied in relatively thick section to walls and soffits and depending on the nature of the repair, in layers up to 75mm deep in pocket repairs. RonaBond HB25 is supplied prepacked requiring only the addition of water.

RonaBond Flowable Micro Concrete

RonaBond Flowable Micro Concrete
Ronabond Flowable Micro Concrete is a repair concrete used in place of hand applied mortars to repair and replace sections of concrete. Designed for pour and pump application the material is poured in to shuttering to reform concrete profiles. It is shrinkage compensated and provides high early and ultimate strengths. Flow is affected by temperature.

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