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Repair Mortars

Repair Mortars

Protective Coatings

Protective Coatings

Levelling Coats

Levelling Coats
What's in the Concrete Repair and Coatings range?

The Ronacrete Concrete Repair and Coatings Range comprises of Repair Mortars, Levelling Coats and Coatings.


The Repair Mortars category is made up from a selection of polymer repair mortars, high build / lightweight repair mortars and a flowable concrete repair product. Ronafix site batched concrete repair mortar is covered by BBA Certificate No. 89/2151 and RonaBond Concrete Repair Mortar is covered by BBA Certificate No. 90/2421.


The Levelling Coats category is made up from a couple of high strength fairing coats with one design for use in prison cells and a polymer modified slurry coat.


The Coatings category is made up from water based elastomeric anti-carbonation coatings, high opacity decorative coatings, protective barrier coatings and a migratory corrosion inhibitor.


Concrete Repair and Resin Bound Surfacing at Jodrell Bank 160 x 198

The Jodrell Bank Centre for Astrophysics in Cheshire has been in operation since 1945 when it was chosen by Bernard Lovell as the site for an observatory.  It has since become a world renowned centre for radio astronomy, the launch of Sputnik 1 was announced to the world after detection by Jodrell Bank scientists and the site is listed for World Heritage Site status. Ronacrete products have twice played a small part in its history. 
In 1987 the Department of Estates and Services of Manchester University, owners of the Jodrell Bank Complex, surveyed the telescopes concrete supports and discovered cracking and spalling.  In consultation with Ashdale Concrete Ltd, they produced a repair specification based on Ronafix polymer admixture, to restore...


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